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Never Say “Never” Again

                      Serotonin-Plus Weight Control:  Never Say “Never” Again

Well, I am writing this entry on the Friday before Halloween Sunday, and as per office tradition, we all wore costumes to work (see our pictures below).  Our theme is “Hollywood” and in case you are having trouble figuring out my outfit, I will clue you in:  Bond…James Bond.  Yes, “0” Double 7.  Nope… that is NOT one of my usual typographical errors that some of you love to point out to me.  I am not “double 0” 7, but rather, 077 as my age is much closer to 77 than 7.  And I am quite lucky that I am NOT “Shakin” (but perhaps stirred?)

Sean Connery was perhaps the most popular “James Bond”, starring in his first Bond movie in 1962 (“Dr. No”) and then stopped in 1971 after filming “Diamonds Are Forever”, stating at the time that he will “Never” play James Bond again.  Lo and behold, in 1982 he agreed to reprise the role and his last James Bond movie, “Never Say Never Again” was released in 1983.

The purpose of this post:  There are many people that have attempted numerous times to shed weight only to either: 1- not lose much weight OR 2- lose weight, only to have that weight, plus more, come back on.  This pattern may eventually cause people to develop the “I give up” mindset, i.e. “I will never try to lose this weight ever again”.  Clearly, if this thought process entrenches itself, indeed, the overweight/obese person will not make any further efforts to control the weight.  The result?  A much higher chance of developing life-altering illnesses, pain, unhappiness etc.

For those of you that have reached a level of frustration with weight control to the point of “I will NEVER try again”, I implore you to dig down deep and find that fighting spirit that says: “ I CAN do this”.  If you need our help, give us a call.  Hey…Hollywood movies often have very happy endings and our Serotonin-Plus “Stars” will be happy to help you “Never say NEVER again”.  

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