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New York, New York (Or Chicago or Memphis or…)

Continuing with the “songs of my life”, one of the staples still heard at many bar mitzvahs, weddings and sports events was a tune from a 1977 movie that was directed by Martin Scorsese.  The flick, called “New York, New York” starring Robert Deniro (what a surprise with Scorsese directing, huh?) and Liza Minelli was about a saxophonist’s relationship with a lounge singer.  The title song from the movie by the same name, was written by John Kander and Fred Ebb.  According to reports, when the song was first presented, Deniro rejected it calling it “too weak”.  Kander and Ebb then returned shortly with the new version that was accepted.  However, great popularity for the song was not achieved until Frank Sinatra came out with his version in 1980.

To the weight controi arena: I grew up in New York City and us “The City” people are sort of snobs when it comes to food.  Don’t talk to us about any other area’s pizza, street pretzels, bagels and a bunch of other foods that we feel are the “best” in the world.  However, I believe everyone out there feels that their “home town foods” are even better, whether this refer to the deep dish pizza of Chicago to Philadelphia cheesesteaks to New Orleans’ King Cakes.

When we bring with us fondness and memories of our “growing up/hometown foods” to our new locations, these become our “comfort foods” and we will turn to those (or as close as we can find) when stress occurs and/or when we gather with others.  Please notice that we all think back on the love for these foods, pretty much all of them are weight-control derailing.

The point of this entry is NOT to have you avoid your favorite “home-town” foods in the entirety.  However, portion control is an absolute necessity.  Try to identify which/how much/when you turn to these foods/snacks/drinks and with mindfulness, reduce their consumption as best as possible.

And now enjoy a song we all have danced to or sang along with at some point in time, Frankie’s version of “New York, New York”.

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