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Nighttime Decision Making and The Morning After

Do you believe that decision making at night is the same as during the light of day?  Well, we will get to my take on this question soon, but first, let’s discuss “decision making”.  We all make many, many decisions each and every day.  This starts with deciding what clothes to wear for that day, what we will prioritize at work, what shows we will watch at night and the list of “decisions” goes on and on.

Sometimes, decisions are sort of made for us by other people.  As an example, at work, if the boss calls you in and tells you to drop everything else you are working on and immediately handle the project he/she just handed you, then your decision to not follow this “order” may result in termination of your employment.

Focusing on food/drink intake:  Once again, we are faced with decisions as to what to eat/drink at our various meals.  Similarly, at times, decisions are made for us.  As an example, if we are attended a work lunch and the meal is being brought in, most likely the decision as to what is delivered is not in our hands.

Now, to the question posed in the beginning of this entry:  Our night time decision making as this relates to food/drinks may be impacted by factors that occurred during that day.  As an example, if we had a particularly stressful day we may feel compelled to reach for alcohol and high caloric “comfort foods” as ways of mitigating the stress.  The morning after, however, we will feel remorse about succumbing to this nighttime decision making as the scale will reflect a higher number than we desire.

At night, try to take a step back before partaking of any weight-derailing food/drink intake and think about whether the decisions you are making now would be the same if it was the morning after.  Take a delay or pause to think through the health ramifications of your night time decision making.  Listen to your “morning brain” to override the nighttime brain.  By doing so, you will shed the weight much quicker.

And, for those old movie fans of the “Disaster” genre, who can forget 1972 classic, “The Poseidon Adventure”?  Enjoy the theme song, “The Morning After”.

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