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No Time For Shopping?

One of the keys to success in long-term weight control is ensuring that your home is stocked with the “Serotonin-Plus Dietary Plan Compatible Foods”.  Having nothing but Hot Pockets, DiGiorno’s pan pizza and Stouffer’s lasagna in the freezer with the refrigerator only offering you a 6-pack of Budweiser, outdated milk and some fungus-infested old fruit, combined with a pantry containing Fritos, crackers with peanut butter and Chips Ahoy cookies are the formula for weight control disaster.

So, many of you do not have the time to go shopping.  Between work, the commute, children’s activities etc. there may be precious little or no time at all to stroll the lanes at your favorite supermarket choosing the protein and vegetable choices that are the essential components for weight control success.

Enter the new age of ordering your food online AND having it delivered.  Alternatively I now see special parking spots right in front of the store that are reserved for people simply showing up and having the groceries placed right in their cars.  NO more spending an hour walking up and down the aisles, waiting at the deli with 3 people in front of you and having to wait to check out with the person in front of you taking out 58 coupons that the check out person has to sift through to see if they are out of date.

Me?  I actually go to the store on Sunday mornings and actually find it relaxing to food shop. However, I do not have a long commute to work, my children are grown and I have the time.

Take advantage of the convenience of ordering your groceries online and simply pick them up or have them delivered.  And, keep the Hot Pockets and DiGiornos Pizza off the list!

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