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Not Gone But Sort Of Forgotten

Does it seem like a long time ago to you that stores were out of toilet paper, chicken and other sanitary wipes and other items?  How about closed restaurants or those that were open having empty tables between each occupied one?  The days of masking whenever we went outside our houses to a public place with other people around?  Trying to do our professional work while monitoring our children’s online Zoom education?  

These described events as well as many other “Pandemic Life” changes are sort of scarring memories for all of us.  For most, this was a miserable several years and many may have lost a relative or other loved one to the infection.   Additionally, the majority of people contracted the disease and suffered to a lesser or greater extent.

Somehow a virus turned political and there probably has never been more anger in this country concerning mandated restrictions such as gatherings, masking, what businesses are considered “essential”, etc. 

We are now seeing another yearly spike in cases, with this time the new variant being EG.5.  Stats are showing about an 8% uptick of hospitalizations over the past several months.  This is in line with what we saw last end of summer-fall when a spike occurred as well.  The good news: EG.5 does not seem to be nearly as dangerous as the initial Covid-19 infections. This, of course, may be due to the natural immunity that most people built up having been exposed to Covid numerous times and/or the immunizations that have been provided.

I have been asked LOTS recently about my recommendation for boosters and once again, this becomes another controversial topic.  I will not get into this topic to any great extent except for this one statement:  If you are alive and well at this time, any decisions you have made for yourself concerning vaccines, boosters, frequency of boosters etc were the “right” decisions for YOU.

The point of this entry:  No matter what the strain, variation, mutation or other, time and time again it is shown that obesity and the co-morbidities associated with poor weight control (diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc) present the major risks for having the infection become serious/deadly.  This virus may not be bringing the headlines of ventilator shortages, school closings, mask mandates etc, BUT it is still out there infecting us, our children and grandchildren.

Focus on your weight control and general health and you will be better positioned to have your body basically tell the virus to F— off as opposed to allowing it to destroy your life.

Let’s all say GOODBYE to this virus harming us….this famous tune was written by studio musicians, not a true band, but for  short time a “band” was formed to tour the song.  Without the internet, anyone know what the name of the group was before disbanding in 1970?  Answer tomorrow!

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