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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!

I did not compete in running at school but I do remember when I would play with my friends in the streets of New York, we would often race with each other.  I suppose we all knew the very popular start to a race:  The judge of the race yelling:  “On your mark, get set, go!!!”.  And off we sprinted trying to finish the race in first place.

Enough nostalgia and to my point today:  When a person decides to embark on a weight control journey, before the actual action items take place, there needs to be a certain preparation before the efforts actually begin.  To ensure there is plenty of protein to eat at the meals, there needs to be shopping done bringing those food sources into the house.  If there are a bunch of derailing food/snack choices in the pantry and freezer, these need to be removed.  Having executed a gym membership or purchasing an aerobic machine for the home will allow for a great exercise contribution to the weight efforts.

When the above action items and more are in place, this allows for a focused, concerted effort with the right “tools” in place.

Much improved health and happiness awaits you. On your mark, Get Set, Go!!!

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