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Opening Day…A New Start

This week the major league baseball season begins.  Going into the season, the teams that have the most resources to buy great players (Yankees and Dodgers for example) usually are favored to come in first place and eventually win the World Series in October.  The small market teams (Royals and Pirates for example) do not have nearly the same budgets, have lesser quality players and do not stand much chance at all to make it to the playoffs, no less winning the World Series.

However, every new season starts fresh, with each team tied for first place (0-0) until the first games begin.  Every fan, even the ones rooting for the teams with very little chance of succeeding, have high hopes for success and a great season.

Okay, so why am I talking about baseball when I should be focusing on weight control?  Here goes:  Many people that have struggled with weight control for many years are fearful of starting a new effort.  Feeling that the odds are against them and failure is most assuredly going to be the outcome, they will not even “bother” to try losing weight again.  This mind set of course will doom those people to a lifelong weight control problem that will bring with that, the myriad of co-morbidities and suffering these will cause.

If you find yourself not moving forward with efforts to lose/control weight because of “fear of failure” or looking at this as a “low chance of success..why even bother?” scenario, please try to change the way of looking at this.  Take the baseball example above as inspiration to think of this as a “fresh start/great results can be achieved” thought process.  

Remember that every year in baseball, some small market team(s) with low potential before the season, surprises every one by winning big time and making it deep into the playoffs and sometimes even winning the World Series.

YOU can be successful despite previous efforts and what you may look at as “low odds of success”.  If you need help, we are here!  Play Ball!!!

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