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Opportunity Knocks

Sorry to keep bringing up sports analogies, but here comes another one:

During a game, there are often “opportunities” that occur that set a team up for huge success.  Here are some examples:

  • Your favorite football team just blocked a punt, recovered the ball on their opponent’s 5 yard line and can go in for a touchdown right before half time.
  • Your favorite baseball team just had two batters walked in an inning, another hit by a pitch and the team’s best homerun hitter is coming up with the bases loaded and no outs.
  • Your favorite hockey team has a two-man advantage on a power play because of penalties called on their opponent and the score is tied with only a few minutes left in the game

Clearly, it would be advantageous to your favorite teams to convert these “opportunities” into successes.

Now, focusing on overall health, including weight control efforts:  I am writing this entry on May 8.  The weather is warm, the days are long and we are still weeks/several months away from summer vacations.  “Opportunity” is knocking:

  • The warmer weather allows for many more outdoor activities to burn those calories
  • The longer daylight allows for post-dinner or pre-work outdoor walks
  • The lack of major “food-feast holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas will not provide challenges
  • Not being on major summer vacations does not challenge us with all-inclusives, major booze fests, etc.
  • Being able to use the outdoor grill allows for lots of protein being able to be cooked for additional meals, ensuring you reach the protein exchanges we recommend

So, “OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING”…Take advantage of this NOW so when the scenario changes you are at a much healthier place!

And…”OPPORTUNITY” does NOT knock three times….Knocking three times only occurs when you want to tell someone that you love him/her/they/anyone else my baby boomer politically incorrect identification missed.

Enjoy Tony Orlando and Dawn’s hit “Knock Three Times”.

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