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Paying The Piper

Here is an idiom that is seldom used anymore: “PAYING THE PIPER”.

The definitions of “Paying The Piper” include:

ï  to bear the ill-effects of something that was enjoyable at one time

ï  to have to pay for something that was fun

ï  to be bearing the consequences of something that was enjoyed

ï  to pay the cost for decadent activities 

The origins of this idiom are not exactly known, but here is a possibility: Believed by many to be originated from the story of “Pied Piper of Hamelin” in which a piper got rid of the rats in a town but when he was not paid, he kidnapped the children in the same manner and they were at last required to “pay the piper”.

The reason why I am posting this today: Good Old Dr. Posner needs to start “Paying The Piper” today due to a mini-vacation that we just returned from.  On the trip, I indulged in MANY behaviors that I usually do not when at home in a routine working mode.  Some of these (very fun) activities included: Eating at several superb buffet restaurants, going out for lunches composed of club sandwiches, burgers and fries and having desserts at night bought from the incredible bakery that was on the first floor of the hotel.  

Although working out every day as per my usual, the eating behaviors caused a 4 pounds weight gain in less than a week.  So, in looking at the definitions of “Paying The Piper” listed above, the “cost”, the “bearing of consequences”, the “paying for something that was fun…these basically apply to the concept that if I want my weight back to the level it was before the trip, I need to make lots of changes in my “usual” dietary approach when at home at the stable weight I desire.

It is difficult to think of returning from vacationing as “punishment time”, but if we are on a weight control effort, we all must “Pay The Piper” when we vary off the prudent dietary approach needed for our healthy/happy weight.

To avoid “Paying The Piper” we either need to: 1- Build “wiggle room” by dieting/exercising more aggressively prior to our trips OR 2-Upon return, get on that scale, see what “damages” occurred and revert to Phase 1 of our dietary plan.

And for those of you that remember songs from the 60’s, here is Criispian St. Peters singing “PIED PIPER”

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