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Perception vs. Reality?

The human brain is fascinating in many ways.  Here is one way:  Very often, the brain shields us from reality almost as if the brain does want to offend us/hurt our feelings.  Here are some examples:

  • When asked for a height, no one ever underestimates how tall they are…very often I need ask a person to go to the height measuring area to get a correct height for BMI purposes and the number is easily 2 inches less than what the person told me prior to the measure.
  • When asked “how much do you weigh?” before stepping on the Inbody, very often the reality number is more than 10 pounds more than the given one.
  • When asked how much alcohol is being consumed, a “rule of thumb” in medical school is to take the number a person provides you and multiply it X3
  • When asked how many protein exchanges are being consumed each day, the perceived number is far less than a food journal shows the reality to be. (Especially in women)
  • When asked how many carbs are being eaten, the perceived number tends to be less than the reality amount.

The answers provided to these and similar questions are not being intentionally fabricated by people.  They are truly the perceived numbers the brain is providing to the person.  Once again, this appears to be somewhat of a protective action, as we all do not want to admit that: we are shrinking in height, we weigh more than we should, we are drinking far too much alcohol, we are not following the recommended dietary plan, etc etc.

Facing reality as opposed to perception allows us to focus more on definitive actions.  That is why we strongly encourage food journaling.  If we see the reality is such that we are not eating enough protein, eating too many carbs, downing too much alcohol etc., we stand a better chance of taking lots of focused steps to correct these and continue successfully on the weight loss journey.

People love reality shows about others yet our brains often do not allow the reality show to be “us”.  Another reality:  Your successful weight control journey will allow you to become much healthier and happier.

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