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“Personal Bests”?

The term “personal best” is an often-used phrase in the world of sports.  For the sprint runner, the personal best (“PB”) probably refers to the fastest time that was ever run in the 60 or 100 yards dash.   For the golfer, this refers to the least amount of strokes needed to complete a specific 18 hole course.  In the football world, depending on the position played, this could be referring to sacks on defense, yardage run or how many catches were made in a specific game or season.  If should be noted that the PB may not be close to any world/state/country record, but nevertheless, individuals tend to take pride in their PBs.

PBs is not often referred to in the healthcare/medical world, but here goes:  What has been your lowest hemoglobin A1C (the three month diabetes lab testing) in the last 10 years?   How about your best blood pressure off of medication?  Your lowest LDL cholesterol?

So, in fact, there are markers in our own bodies that may predict future health vs. disease and maintaining levels close to the PBs  most certainly will help people live healthier/happier lives if those PBs are acceptable compared to the general “healthy numbers”.  For example having a PB LDL cholesterol of 195 may be a person’s own PB if previous levels have been far greater than 200 but it sure is not a healthy number at all.  

Controlling weight will brings lots of PBs to your lab testing, blood pressure, organ performance and even intangibles such as confidence and self-esteem.   Immediate gratification food and drink items move us farther and farther away from many PBs.

Trivia time:  In the 1982 movie, Personal Best, what female actor was in the lad role?  NO GOGGLING the answer!!! First 3 correct responders will receive a FREE SeroPro bottle….and with winter doldrums coming up, a great product to have!

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