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Personal Triggers

Here is a definition of the word “TRIGGER” as a verb: “ cause an event or situation to happen or exist.”

Let’s focus on the “triggers” that cause us to engage in behavior patterns that are detrimental to our health.  These behavior patterns could include smoking cigarettes, engaging in illegal drugs, drinking too much alcohol and/or eating too many carbs/sugars exacerbating a weight control problem.

Some of these “triggers” may include:

  • Facing too much added stress at work
  • A marital or other personal relationship crisis
  • A newly diagnosed health condition
  • World events that are distressing

I believe it is important that each of us should take a step back and evaluate what “Personal Triggers” (if any) cause us to engage in the detrimental behaviors (and more) outlined above.  Once these “Personal Triggers” are identified, then take the steps needed to thwart the onset of those aforementioned behaviors.

Also, please realize that taking on unhealthy behaviors will do nothing to positively impact the Personal Trigger(s) that initiate the detrimental activities.

We, as human beings, are subject to a number of human behaviors.  One of these is resorting to immediate gratification or numbing/pain reducing actions when we are hot with negative events/circumstances. To improve our health, we all must us use the higher functioning parts of our brains to overcome the instinctual drives.  It ain’t easy but it can be done.

And I cannot help this but being an old guy when I hear the word “Trigger” I think of the famous actor/cowboy Roy Rodgers and his horse.  Trigger (the horse) lived for 31 years and was a thoroughbred horse.

Sorry for this really dated song but for those older folks out there, I bet you may remember this one when we were kids watching Roy Rodgers and Trigger.  Happy Trails!

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