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Pet Peeves

There is a word that originated in the 14th century:  “Peevish” and this refers to someone being “ill-tempered” or “ornery”.  In 1919, the term “Pet Peeve” was first used and this refers to certain situations/occurrences that are annoying to certain people or make them angry. 

We ALL have “Pet Peeves” and I wanted to share some of mine with you and ultimately bring this to the weight control arena.  Our son affectionately calls me a ‘Grumpy Old Man”, referring to the fact that my patience for handling my pet peeves seems to be less and less as I become older.  The reference relates to the “Grump Old Man” movies starring Walter Matteau and Jack Lemmon, and the roles they play of older guys that clearly get annoyed by a number of situations.  Here goes (not necessarily in order):

  • Group text messages:  I do NOT like the incessant binging of my phone when everyone feels they need to weigh in with a comment in a text message sent by someone to a group of people.  Please keep me OFF the list.  If you want to say something to me, do it individually.  NO bing, bing, bing!
  • Along the same subject of texts…I do NOT like when a person will keep sending text messages when all he/she needs to do is pick up the phone and call me.  If something cannot be accomplished in 1 or 2 texts, CALL ME
  • People that come to the full service check out line in a supermarket carrying a few items, get in back of you and your full cart of items, and then shoot you a nasty look that you are not allowing them to get in front of you.  GO TO THE SELF SERVICE CHECK OUT!
  • People that say “NO PROBLEM” when I thank them for something.  How about saying:  “You are welcome”?  Or “It is my pleasure”?  My staff gets fined one dollar if I hear them say to a patient “no problem”.

Okay, enough of Posner’s pet peeves…there are lots more but none of these relate to the weight control arena.  But, here is one that does:

Our patients that do NOT: 1- come in for FREE monthly body scans offered to EVERYONE after their programs  2- open these daily blogs sent to your inbox almost daily.

Why are these pet peeves of mine? Because our team and I really, really want you to not just lose the weight, but also keep that weight off.  Support and accountability are crucial elements to long-term weight control success. Our FREE offerings (body scans and daily missives) should be embraced and utilized to help with weight control maintenance.

We would LOVE hear from you about YOUR most significant “pet peeve(s)”.  Please send them to:

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