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Playing Your Own Kind Of Music

I am writing this entry today with the realization that after three more weeks I will no longer be writing these blogs that are sent to our Northern Virginia patients.  Dr. Alexsandra Gajer is taking over the role of communicating with you to try, as best as possible, to keep your health/wellness goals at the very forefront of your brain and not allow your focus to falter.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that “Dr. Alex” is the person that will “take the reign”, as she is an incredibly great doctor, a wonderful/caring person and I am leaving the practice in the hands of someone that will care for you and your families in a superb fashion.  I believe Dr. Alex will bring a bright, fresh and newness to these blogs.  Posner’s old music and references to the past may be appreciated by you “Baby Boomers” out there, but Dr. Alex will engage a much wider audience.   (And for those of you out there that may miss some Frank Sinatra, 60’s and 70’s music, and would like to have my old, stale “stuff”, you can sign up for these at: or call Nataliya at: 703-606-1103 and she can sign you up for Posner’s rants and raves.)

Over the years, I have written about a number of different subjects concerning weight control and then I find a song or video that sort of supports the theme of the entry.  However, for the last three weeks, I am going to post some of my favorite songs and then craft an entry that brings weight control into focus.  Now, please remember: I still have an AOL e-mail account, our daughter took my “Members Only” jacket and called me the “Last Member” and my choice of music will be laughed at just as much as I laughed at my parents’ music tastes.  So, if I have not lost you yet, here goes:

Cass Elliott of the “Mamas and Papas” was actually born in Alexandria, Virginia with her real last name being “Cohen”.  Although urban myth has her dying from choking while eating a ham and cheese sandwich, she actually passed away from a heart attack at the very young age of 32.  Her sultry voice as lead singer of the 60’s group “Mamas and Papas” is very recognizable.

One of “Mama Cass”’s most famous songs was “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”.

Bringing this to the weight control arena: We are all different as this relates to many issues, including our physiology.  Specifically concerning weight control, there are some people that cannot lose any weight when even the slightest amount of alcohol is consumed.  There are others that need exercise as an essential component of losing weight.  For some people the use of protein shakes, bars and other substitutes for “real protein” are compatible with weight control whereas for others, real protein use is essential.

The point:  We all sort of make our “Own Kind Of Music” and concerning weight control, we need to individually understand what works and what does not.  If you are not shedding the weight, it is time to change the song.

Enjoy Cass Elliott (and Sammy Davis Jr.)   

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