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Playoff Intensity

Any NBA basketball and/or NHL hockey fans out there?  If so, and your favorite teams are still alive in the playoffs, you are probably (like me) glued to the TV set every night to watch.  Playoffs, no matter what the sport, bring a heightened level of intensity to the games.  If you have ever attended a playoff game in any sport in person you know how different the atmosphere is than during a regular season game.  The players feel this electricity and then often perform in ways that rise above their regular season play.  The reason:  They as players and we as fans want to see our favorite team “win it all”.  When they win we feel like WINNERS.  If they lose, we feel like LOSERS.    In the playoffs it is “do or die”, meaning that if your team is eliminated, the season is over…no championship and no more games until next year.

Bringing the concept of “Playoff Intensity” to the healthcare arena, specifically weight control:  When serious things happen to us medically AND we are told this to a lesser or greater degree was/is due to poor weight control, we feel a “playoff-like” intensity to do something about it.  The cigarette smoker laying on a gurney in a cardiology wing post bypass surgery has a much easier time quitting cigarettes than the smoker that has no immediate health issue but knows he/she needs to quit.  Similarly, the obese person that has just walked out of the doctor’s office being told his/her diabetes is now messing up the kidneys will find a “playoff-like intensity” to drop the weight as opposed to the obese person percolating along with no acute medical issues.

Back to the sports analogy:  In order to get into the playoffs, the regular season record needs to be good enough.  That means focus/intensity must be high all of the time, not just during the playoffs.  In the case of weight control, we all need to dig deep down and develop the intensity/focus early on and not wait until something bad happens to us.

Keep that playoff intensity going!

And how could I post this entry without also including that motivational song that seems to appear in every arena around the U.S. during intense playoff games?  Enjoy Queen.

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