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Portion Control

Thanksgiving is almost here and despite 2020 being perhaps the most challenging year many of us have experienced, we will most likely be sitting with friends and/or family for our traditional Thanksgiving Day meals. Although turkey and ham are the traditional main dishes, there are many other traditional accompaniments that are a part of the feast:  Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin/apple pies, wine, other spirits, etc.

Sitting around the table and having turkey, salad and nothing else does not exactly constitute a “fun” way of eating with everyone.  Although we are trying our best to adhere to the “high protein/low carb” dietary approach to bring us closer to our goal weights, the temptations are way too high during this holiday event.

Here is what I recommend:  Create a “tasting plate” of some sort that allows for placing a tablespoon of the stuffing, tablespoon of each potato, tablespoon of the green beans/onion rings/mushroom soup on the plate.  Similarly, when dessert time comes, place a small portion of each of the desserts present on a “tasting plate” and enjoy each of those scrumptious desserts.

Whether it be a Thanksgiving Day gathering or a routine weekend day, portion control is vitally important to long-term weight control efforts.  Obviously one M&M, a ½ glass of wine, a tablespoon of mashed potatoes or one bite of an ice cream cone will not derail your weight control efforts.  However, larger portions, cumulatively over time, will completely sabotage your chances of reaching a healthy/happy weight.

For some people having even a small taste of a high caloric/high sugar food source will almost automatically lead to diving into more portions.  For those people, staying completely away from those food sources is the best course of action.

The “big picture” goal is to have all of us be healthy enough to enjoy many more Thanksgiving and other holiday celebrations.  Portion controlling the derailing food and drink sources needs to be part of the plan.

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