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Post-Exercise Caloric Burn-Off

One of the fastest growing franchises in the world is Orangetheory.  They are opening 6 new franchises per week and it seems that almost every strip mall around here now has an Orangetheory studio present. 

My patients that go to Orangetheory have great things to say about their experiences.  They seem to enjoy the workout and are very willing to go several times a week.  For those that are not familiar with OT, there are heart rate monitors used during a person’s workout to ensure that target heart rates are being reached during the exercises.

One of the claims of Orangetheory is that the caloric burn-off extends past the actual exercise time.  This is referred to as “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption”.  There have been suggestions that this extended caloric burn-off can extend for 36 hours post-exercise for those engaging in OT’s program

In reality, the post-exercise caloric burn-off will not extend even close to 36 hours.  Studies have shown that the post-exercise caloric expenditure varies from several hundred calories to only a few calories.  Clearly, the majority of caloric expenditure is during the exercise itself.

When people find exercise routines they enjoy, there is a much higher chance of continued engagement in that exercise.  I certainly have no vested interest in the Orangetheory business, but based on my patients very favorable reviews, I suggest that if you are not exercising now, check them out and see if it is right for you.  

The dietary part of the equation is much more important than the exercise component for long-term weight control success, but exercise remains a very important part of the equation.

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