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Post-Summer Goals

Although the official end of the summer/beginning of fall does not occur for several weeks, the Labor Day weekend sort of brings the thoughts of “summer” to a close.  Those long, warm, “sunset at 9PM” nights are being quickly replaced by earlier sunsets and a crisper feel to the air in the early morning hours.

Having “goals” often propel us into behavioral patterns conducive for reaching those things we would like to achieve.  Goals come in many forms/directions:  There are professional goals we have for ourselves, goals we have for our family units, goals we have financially, and many more goals can be added to this list.

The conversion of having goals to obtaining those goals requires focus, energy, effort and fortitude.  It is pretty easy to sit back and write out a list of goals but often ensuring those goals are reached becomes quite a quest.

When focusing on health/wellness, goals can be set for things such as:

  • Exercising s certain amount weekly/daily
  • Ensuring that you have set up appointments for the routine screening exams/tests that you have delayed in the past
  • Weight control
  • Avoidance of drinking too much alcohol

The summer is almost over and the holiday season is still months away.  This is a GREAT time to establish health/wellness goals and then set up a plan as to how to ensure these goals are met.  Make those goals reasonable and obtainable.  

No matter what our age, having goals provides impetus to get off our butts and make something happen.  Let’s all get motivated, energized and goal-directed for a healthier life.

And to quote the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky, who scored LOTS of goals (at least in hockey): 
“You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take”.

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