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Preparing For More Home Time

Even before the pandemic, we all probably spend more “home time” during the darker/colder months of winter than we do in those warmer, longer days of spring and summer.  Well, here we are again: dark and cold.  However, there is another factor that will play a large role (once again) in addition to the seasonal changes that will most likely produce more “home time”…the pandemic.

It is difficult to read about the ever-increasing number of flight cancellations, higher restrictions on travel, postponement of professional sporting events, reading the stats about the surging number of cases of Omicron and closing of theatres in Times Square without conjecturing that more “lock downs” are in our near future.   Many companies will revert back to having their employees work from home instead of heading back to the office.

The first go-round of lockdowns with the majority of people working from home resulted in a significant number of people gaining lots of weight.  Here are a few reasons why this occurred:

  • More time at home to be able to gp into the pantry or fridge for snacks
  • Stress eating
  • Eating out of boredom
  • Hanging out more with the children and being influenced to eat the snacks they like
  • No co-workers or others are around to see your actions

Many more bullet points may be added to this list.  

It is important that you take the time to identify the reasons why you gained weight during the last lockdown.  After those reasons are identified then take the next step of devising some solutions to these challenges.  If we do not take the time to think this through, it is almost certain that history will repeat itself and lots of weight gain will occur again.

“Home time” often translates into “weight gain time”.  Let’s all try as best as possible to not allow this to occur if/when we are locked down again.  Convert that extra time to planning your meals, exercising and other activities that will promote weight loss.

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