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Prioritizing Health Care Goals

There are not many of us that do not confront some/many health-related issues.  These could range from relatively minor problems such as a mildly painful joint to much more serious problems such as having an internal organ disease such as th4 heart, liver or kidney.  

When confronted with a number of health care related issues, it is important to “Prioritize” those issues and then move forward in a manner consistent with this prioritization.  Here is a more detailed explanation:

Let’s suppose that entering 2024, your health care goals include the following:

  • Getting that colonoscopy that you are several years past due
  • Scheduling a routine physical exam with your primary care doctor because your last one was several years ago
  • Obtaining some age-related immunization that is recommended, such as the Shingles or Pneumonia vaccine
  • Shedding the extra weight that you have been battling for years
  • Seeing the dentist for a routine exam and cleaning
  • Having a routine dermatologist visit for skin cancer screening

There are many other bullet points that may be added to this list.

Now, concerning “Prioritization”: If a person has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, then weight loss will take a higher priority than a routine skin check.  However, if a person has a history of precancerous colon polyps, then the screening colonoscopy will take a high priority

Of course, many health-improving/health screening initiatives can be simultaneously embarked upon, i.e. scheduling a colonoscopy, your yearly physical exam, a dental visit, etc. can all be attended to at about the same time.  However, human nature being what it is, unpleasant action items are often delayed/avoided so it is not very common for people to focus on everything all at once.

Take a step back and see what YOUR health care goals are and then make a “Priority List”.  Then, start taking action on these one or several at a time.  By doing so, you will live a longer, healthier and happier life (well, happier when that colonoscope is out of your butt).

Remember the folk group “Peter, Paul and Mary”?   Well, Peter Yarrow penned a song about colonoscopies…really?  Check it out!

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