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Procrastination Vs. Laziness

Often, the words “procrastination” and “laziness” are interchanged but the definitions are different.  In procrastination, a person delays/postpones decision making and/or actions.  Laziness is defined as reluctance to exert necessary effort.  Laziness can involve any type of effort (e.g., mental or physical), and people who display laziness generally do so despite being able to predict that their behavior will lead to negative outcomes, such as worse performance or missed opportunities.

Let’s now focus on health/wellness initiatives.  A person that has had a recent medical diagnosis such as hypertension or diabetes knows well that lifestyle changes will help control the medical condition and possibly obviate the need for medications.  If that person is markedly overweight, clearly losing that weight will be very beneficial to improving their overall health.  Weight loss efforts should begin immediately.

However, it is often the case that people will not start the efforts needed to shed the weight.  Why?  Is this procrastination?  Is it laziness?

Let’s first examine the concept of procrastination: The reasons why people will delay their actions are because the “new” actions required (i.e. cutting carbs and alcohol) are not nearly as much fun as the old behaviors.  We all know there is nothing enjoyable about cutting out the foods/drinks we like best.

Concerning a “laziness” factor, the reluctance to start a health/wellness initiative such as weight control is along the same lines…we know that the new behaviors required will take time, energy, perhaps $$ AND are not as fun as the old behaviors that placed the weight on.

Unfortunately, sometimes really bad medical things such as strokes, heart attacks and cancers can strike quickly.  Procrastinating and/or being lazy about your quest for improved health can allow these really bad things to happen.

Start your weight control and other health initiatives TODAY and do not wait until tomorrow.

No procrastination or laziness!!!  Today’s The Day….Enjoy America…

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