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Protecting Yourself Against Infection

I do not need to read news stories to know whether infections such as Covid and influenza are peaking or falling in the number of cases occurring.  I can tell from our own practice:  When we get more calls in a given week for respiratory illnesses.  I know things are peaking.  However, to confirm my suspicions I do check out news stories and sure enough, Covid cases are once again.  The current variation, XBB.1.5 has been causing a spiking number of cases and in many areas of the country, hospitalizations have risen 70%.  Additionally, we have 300-400 people dying in the U.S. every day from Covid and it’s complications.

The XBB.1.5 variation is very contagious.  The mutations have caused this virus to be more evasive of the antibodies we have against Covid and the virus is more easily able to invade our cells.  The rising number of cases appear to be independent of vaccination status.  The good news:  Although hospitalizations are way up, for most people that are not very “at risk” (i.e. elderly, ill from other diseases, diabetes, obesity, lung disease) this virus is not causing people to be as sick as the initial Covid cases.  The illness is pretty much like a flu case.

This entry is written not to debate the validity of vaccinations, boosters, “herd immunity” or any other aspects of “protection” that have been the source of very heated and contentious discussions.  I am writing this to implore EVERYONE to do something to protect yourself against developing severe disease and this action has very little debating behind it:  GET SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS.

Studies upon studies have shown over the past several years that the most “at risk” people for severe Covid illness, aside from the elderly are those that suffer from co-morbidities of poor weight control.  In previous entries I have discussed the reasons why the immune system of obese people is weakened.  

The best way of protecting against infection?  Hole yourself up in some sterile room and do not see anyone.  That is probably also the best way of driving yourself nuts.  We all want life to go on as we knew it “Pre-Covid”…going out to restaurants, attending parties with our friends and relatives, vacations etc.  It is important to protect ourselves as best as possible.  You owe this to yourself and your loved ones.  Stay focused on your weight control!

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