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Reaching A Personal Best

I am not an Olympics watcher but I do know that when the athletes are competing against each other, not only are they trying to get better times/better scores than their competition but they are also trying to eclipse their “Personal Best”.  In the sporting world, the concept of “personal best” refers to elevating a performance time or rating better than that person has ever done before.  To an extent, each individual athlete is not only competing against others but also striving to compete against her/his own personal best.

Let’s move away from the ski slopes and ice rinks of the Olympics where the athletes are striving for personal bests and bring this to the healthcare arena.  We all would like to reach our personal bests when it comes to such issues as:

  • Blood pressure readings
  • Glucose (blood sugar) readings
  • Cholesterol levels
  • The amount of restful sleep we get each evening
  • The level/intensity of knee, foot and hip pains
  • The level of self-esteem and confidence we feel
  • How we look/fit into our clothes
  • The amount of energy we feel

Successful weight control will markedly increase your odds of reaching your “personal best” in the various bullet points outlined above.  Yes, our advancing ages make it more difficult to eclipse the “personal bests” we were able to establish decades ago BUT we most certainly can make a dramatic impact on our lives by staying steadfast and focused on our weight control efforts.

And for you movie trivia fans out there, a 1982 movie entitled “Personal Best” was released and the story was about a track star.  A free bottle of SeroImmune awaits you if you can answer this question WITHOUT THE HELP of the internet:  Who was the female star of the movie Personal Best?

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