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Red, Red Wine…Good For You?

The other day we posted an entry about granola and the inspiration for this entry was an old Neil Diamond song.  Keeping with the inspiration from the Brooklyn-born (me too!) singer/writer, Neil came out with a song called “Red, Red Wine” in 1967.  However, the popularity of the song exploded in 1983 when the group UB 40 released a reggae version of Red Red Wine (see link below for a nostalgic trip back to 1983).

One of the many laments (whines) we hear from people starting their weight loss journey is:  “Do I need to give up my wine?”  When I explain that drinking alcohol in general, including wine, very much negatively impacts weight control, I retort I often hear is:  “I heard that 1-2 glasses of red wine is GOOD for you.”

Red wine has been touted as containing lots of anti-oxidants, including one called “resveratrol”.  This ingredient has been shown in some studies to reduce inflammation of blood vessels, lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), raise the levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL) and reduce the risks of developing blood clots.

However, the studies actually looking into whether red wine ingestion lowers the risk of heart disease are mixed in their results and inconclusive.  The media loves to promote the studies supporting the benefits of wine (and other alcohol) and viewers then feel vindicated as they down the booze, having a reason that substantiates the daily usage.

Here is my opinion:  Poor weight control is a much greater risk factor for not only heart disease, but also cancers, diabetes, pain syndromes and a bunch of other bad stuff.  If regular ingestion of alcohol is contributing to the weight control problem then any supposed benefit of the red wine (or other alcohol) is not even close to the damage being inflicted by its contribution to the weight issue.

So, don’t be angry with the messenger (me) but for those red wine (or white wine, beer, vodka or gin) lovers out there, the less alcohol usage the better for your overall health.

And now, as a peace offering, for your enjoyment, here is UB 40 singing an old Neil Diamond song, Red, Red Wine.

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