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Reducing The Risk Of Falls

Do you remember when you were a youngster and fell off your bicycle?  Depending on your age, you may have cried a bit, your Mom placed some Bactine and a bandaid on the scratches and you were then back on the bike having fun again.  Fast forward to ages 50 and above, especially for those people over 60 years of age:  We fall and we break bones.  Depending on the severity of the fall, the fracture(s) could be minor or life-changing.  How many times have you heard of an elderly person falling, breaking a hip and then having numerous complications from the surgery, hospitalization and rehab stay?

As we age, our bones are not as strong and we are more at risk of fracturing those bones when a fall occurs.  Despite taking calcium, Vitamin D and perhaps an anti-resorptive medication such as Fosamax, the “strength” of bones is far less at advanced ages.  Personally, when there is ice on the ground or snow, I walk VERY carefully, as I am fearful of falling and breaking a bone that would prevent me from exercising.

Among the many benefits of losing weight is the improvement that people notice in their movement and balance.  I am amazed sometimes in seeing the differences that occur in patients from when they start the SP Program and then when 20, 30 or more pounds of weight loss occur.  There is a major change and improvement of how much better these people walk, move and maneuver around obstacles.  

Whether it is stumbling on a flight of stairs, slipping on black ice during the winter, having your leashed dog pull you unexpectedly or other circumstance, we will all mostly likely take a fall(s) at times in our lives.  Losing weight will help reduce the risk of falls AND lower the chances of a major adverse result from falls that will occur.

And if you going to fall, make that fall “Into Love”, so allow The King (i.e. Elvis) to serenade you with Can’t Help FALLING in Love.

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