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Reestablishing Priorities

If I were to ask you the following question, what would your answer be?

Name, in the order of importance, the most significant priorities in your life:

For many people some of the most important priorities would involve their closest family members, including:

  • Ensuring health/happiness for spouse/children/grandchildren
  • Providing resources for the closest family members
  • Being available to provide emotional support to our loved ones

On the priority list may also appear some professional/business items such as:

  • Generating enough money/resources in order to retire at a reasonable age
  • Succeeding at work to continue to ascend through higher and higher levels of recognition/higher paying positions
  • Ensuring your hard-earned money is being invested wisely

Hobbies/pursuits/passions may also be listed at high levels of importance on the “Priority List”:

  • Making sure you organize your time to allow for getting to the golf course, pickle ball, tennis or other pursuits you enjoy outside of work
  • Having the resources to pursue the hobbies you enjoy

Here begs the question: Where is YOUR health on the “Priority List”?  Would you list this as the Number One “Priority” in your life?  When you take a step back and think about this, without your own good health, you will not be able to focus on anything/anyone else on your priority list.

Another point:  Is reaching for chocolate or ice cream at night or downing alcohol containing drinks on your “Top Ten Priority” list?  I doubt that.  However, these behaviors, and other truly non-priority things will, cumulatively stop us from attending to our true Priority List.

Please make YOUR own health a very high, if not the highest, priority of your life and then there is a much better chance that the other items on your list will be fulfilled.  It is not selfish for YOU/Your health to be your Number One Priority.  Stay focused on your efforts to shed that weight!

In the spirit of number ONE priority, here are the Bee Gees singing “ONE”.

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