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Relative Importance?

Please answer this question:  What is more important?  You or your car?

I know that probably 99.999% of you answered:  “I am more important than my car.”

So, when you bring your car into the dealer for a routine 30,000 mile check and you are told that the brake pads are very thin and need replacement or new tires are required because the treads are dangerously worn down, will you ignore that advice or follow through on the new brakes and tires?  My bet is that a very large percentage of people will take out their credit/debit cards and have the work done.

Now, this example: You go into the doctor’s office for a routine checkup and you are told that the blood sugar and blood pressure are high, the cholesterol ratio is not favorable and your back and knee pain may be weight-related.  The doctor’s advice is to lose weight.  My bet is that a much smaller percentage of people will actually act on that advice than the care example outlined above.

Here are my thoughts of the reasons:  “Fixing” a serious issue involving an auto is simple: Take out the credit card and pay to have someone else do this.  Yes, it is not fun to pay money for something, but as you sit in a waiting area comfortably reading a magazine or playing on your smart phone, someone else is doing the work.   With weight control, we all know the “work” involved is very difficult, often not much fun and cannot be done by someone else.    Yes, we can pay a doctor for a program or buy a product off the internet but even in doing so, the “work” still falls back to us.

The importance of our weight control efforts cannot be overstated.  This can literally be a difference maker for long-term health and happiness.  Please always keep in mind this “importance” and use this as motivation to stay steadfast in your efforts.

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