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Return On Your Investment (ROI)

Here is a definition of “investment”: the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.

There are many ways we can invest our very hard-earned money: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, etc etc.  When we invest in something there is usually a risk-reward scenario.  The usual circumstances are that the higher the risks, the greater the potential rewards.  Investing in a money market mutual fund will make you very little money but you will also not lose this money.  A much more risky hedge fund investment may bring far greater rewards but carries with it a much greater chance of seeing the money disappear.

There are non-stock investments that we can make such as placing money into a child’s college fund, buying houses, opening a new business etc.

No matter what we are investing in, the major goal is to see a positive return on your investment.  In the case of investing in the stock market, the positive return is generating more money than you invested.  Some investments are more for pleasure, such as buying a boat or time share.  The positive ROI on these investments are the joy, happiness and relaxation we derive from using these investments.

What would be an entry from me without a weight control/ROI analogy?  Here goes:

“Investing” in our own health has the potentially highest ROI of any investments we ever made/make.  Investing in a physical exam, colonoscopy orother preventative diagnostic testing may possibly save your life.  Think about how many more years of income generation could occur if you remain healthy and are able to keep working.  

Focusing on weight control:  Whether the investment is in a Peloton, a personal trainer, a fresh food delivery service or a great medical weight control program (such as Serotonin-Plus!) the ROI on this type of investment can be enormously positive.  This ROI is not only monetary in nature, such as being able to work and generate income longer; the “return” is living a much healthier life…less pain, less medications, less doctor visits etc

Forget about the stock market….invest in YOU.  The ROI can be phenomenal and the risk is negligible.  Sounds too good to be true (like a Ponzi scheme but this entry is not being delivered by Bernie Madoff!)

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