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Risk Vs. Reward Analysis

We posted an entry a few days ago about self-reward systems that we all develop that recognize ourselves for the hard, diligent and self-sacrificing work we do and how derailing foods/drinks need to be curtailed/eliminated as these types of rewards.  Today I want to focus on the concept of “risk vs. reward”.

We all make many decisions on our lives based on a self-analysis of risk vs. reward.  Here are some examples:  Concerning how we invest money, we all know that investing in higher risk stocks carries a much higher chance of making $$$ than investing in a much lower risk money market fund.   However, investing in stocks carries a much higher risk of losing that money. The money market fund cannot make people lots of money but once again, much lower risk of losing it.

How about an example of opening your own business vs. continuing to work as an employee?   Opening a business carries a much higher potential “win” but continuing to work at a safe job provides a much lower risk.

Turning to the medical arena, we all see the commercials for prescription medications such as the arthritis drugs.  The first part of the commercial shows lots of happy, smiling people providing testimonials about how their lives have been changed for the better but the second part of the commercial has the announcer telling you about the thousand side effects that could actually kill you.  Yep, high reward/high risk scenario.

Now, finally, let’s more narrowly focus on the weight control arena:

Here is the risk/reward analysis of not doing anything about your weight and remaining overweight/obese:  Risk: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic pain, premature death, poor self-esteem/confidence.  Reward:  ____ (I am having great difficulty thinking of any).  Conversely, let’s look at the risk/reward of controlling weight:  Reward:  much better energy, living healthier/longer, looking younger, ridding the use of medications, higher self-esteem, fitting into the nice clothes, etc etc.  Risk? ______ (I am having great difficulty of thinking of any).

Please take a step back, think about what I wrote above and logically, you know the next move is on your part…get serious about your weight control efforts!

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