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Rules Vs. Guidelines

One of the many aspects of human nature that impacts weight control is our loathing of “rules”.  Leaving the weight control arena for a bit and speaking generally, we understand why “rules” need to be in place:  Traffic rules, IRS rules, public health rules are some examples of rules that we do not necessarily like or agree with, but we understand why they exist.

Now, back to the weight control arena.  Our human nature has us not liking being told “You can’t eat this and you can’t eat that.”  Historically, dietary plans that help us lose weight are restrictive in the foods we usually enjoy the most: carbohydrate and sugary tasting foods.   Pretty much every dietary plan, from Serotonin-Plus to Weight Watchers to a bunch of others will have people following a carb-restrictive diet while consuming high protein.

From a mind-set standpoint, it is probably better to view your dietary roadmap as guidelines as opposed to rules.  If you vary off the plan and eat foods that are not greatly compatible with weight control, you have not broken any “rules”.  Rather, all you did was wander off the guidelines.  Thinking this way may help you not self-loathe for “breaking rules” but rather, bring positive energy to the next week to follow the guidelines more aggressively.

Keeping a positivity about your weight control efforts even when challenges occur will help the chances of long-term success.  Viewing our dietary plan as guidelines and not rules may help.

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