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Running Out Of Health?

The supermarket shelves seem to be stocked once again with toilet paper, paper towels, cleaners and chicken breasts.   People’s comfort levels that these items will remain in stock have most not “hoarding” any more of these products as there is an expectation that supplies will be just fine. 

Human nature is interesting, more specifically our behaviors as this relates to fear of running out of “essentials”.  When a 6 inch snow is predicted, the stores become deplete of eggs, milk and toilet paper.  We all know full well that even if we cannot get out of our driveways for 2-3 days, will shortly be able to get to the store and those items will be bountiful.  The pandemic produced the same result:  our fear produced a hoarding of certain items, and that hoarding is what caused the shelves to be empty.   Had people simply bought what they needed, this situation would not have occurred.

It is sort of interesting that human nature-driven behaviors do not produce the same “sense of urgency” when it comes to our health.  A person with multiple health issues or risk factors for those diseases would be expected to place an incredible “urgency” on fixing any “correctable” cause(s) of those health issues.  However, my almost 40 years of practicing has shown me that urgency only seems to occur after much damage is already done.   Often, this occurs too late.

We worry, often without realistic reasons, that we will run out of toilet paper, paper towels and other items and act with incredible urgency.  Why do we not act with the same level of urgency when we are running out of health?  I believe the answer is that somehow, human nature prevents us from visualizing this “running out of health” and therefore, often, no action is taken.  However, if a person is struggling with a weight control problem, already has one or more medical co-morbidities and has a family history of significant medical diseases, health, in fact, is sort of “running out”.

Be a “health hoarder”:  Stay steadfast in your weight control efforts.

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