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Scheduling Your Exercise

Whether you are still working full time with custodial age children at home or retired with a much less hectic life, we are all used to scheduling our activities, responsibilities and obligations.  If we need to get our children to the bus stop at a certain time, we schedule our before work activities to ensure that we have them to the bus on time.  If we need to be at the workplace for a meeting at a specific time, we schedule our commute to ensure we are at the meeting on time.  There are many other examples of how we all “schedule” our lives.

Now, let’s turn to exercise, which is an important component of a long-term weight control effort.  There are a number of people that “schedule” their weekly exercise, i.e. pinpointing 3-7 X a week a certain time and place to sweat off those calories.  These are scheduled on their smart phone calendar or in some other way, memorialized to ensure that this “appointment” is kept.

However, many people will look at exercise as a potential “add-on” to their day, meaning that they will accomplish all of their responsibilities/activities/work/children attention etc FIRST and then, if there is time, exercise can be fit in.  For those people, the Vegas odds of fitting that exercise in is slim to none.

Get out that weekly schedule and try to identify 3-5 days when you can incorporate 30-60 minutes of aggressive exercise.  If “walking the dog” is deemed as an aggressive exercise, get the pace of your walk to levels that challenge you.  If you feel that there is simply no time during the week to schedule your exercise take a step back and see if you are spending 30-60 minutes per day on non-essential activities such as playing on your cell phone social media feeds, watching some mind-numbing show on one of your streaming services and similar activities that can be converted to exercise time.

Scheduling your exercise will enhance the likelihood of the exercise actually occurring.

And as we are talking about scheduling and calendars, let’s go back to 1959 and Neil Sedaka.

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