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Self Perception And Mood

“Self-Perception” involves many factors that contribute to how people view themselves. 

These factors include:

  • Work achievements/performance
  • How much money/wealth has been accumulated
  • Impact on the performances of children and grandchildren
  • Impact on friends and colleagues
  • Generosity/”giving back”

A very important component of self-perception is also our “look”:  Do we look older or younger than our ages?  Do we look good in our clothes?  Do we portray health as opposed to looking ill?  Do we look “in shape”?

Clearly, a positive self-perception on many fronts leads to a happy, more positive mood.  On the contrary if we view ourselves as an old looking, out of shape “failure” in life, the chances are not very good that our mood will be a positive one.

Your focus, dedication and perseverance in losing/controlling weight will lead to heightened level of self-perception, and this will, in turn, produce a much more positive mood.  Being happy is what we all strive for.  The short term gratification of weight-derailing foods and drinks does not even come close to the importance of long-term happiness.  Stay focused and your wildest dreams can come true.

And talking about “Mood” brings me to the “Moody Blues” and here is “Your Wildest Dreams played at their Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 2018.

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