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Serotonin-Plus Weight Control: “Give Support/Take Support”?

For most people, having a support system really helps on a number of fronts.  Support systems allow people to share their struggles, anxieties, stresses etc AND receive from the support system empathy, suggestions, camaraderie and the feeling that you are not “alone”.  Moreover, contributing and helping others in the support system provide an enhanced sensation of self-worth.

Concerning weight control, you have seen a number of my entries discussing the importance of support.  For those coming to the office (or seeing us via telemedicine), the support provided by the SP Team is most definitely an important component of our program.  I try to use these daily blogs as an element of support, especially for those no longer in the “visit” stage of their programs.  We also encourage free monthly body scans as a means of support for all of our patients.  I have also strongly encouraged people to “buddy up” with others on a weight control journey.  It is far easier to walk/run at a park with a friend(s), share struggles and swap ideas as to how to combat these, share recipes etc.  Nataliya is putting together some exercise videos, witch you can find at the end of this blog. 

Turning from weight control to the most important problem facing us, the Covid-19 pandemic:  There has never been a more important time to avail ourselves of a support system(s).    The physical toll for those infected, the psychological toll on pretty much everyone from fear/isolation and the financial toll on almost everyone are almost unbearable to handle alone.  Sharing your fears, anxieties and panic with a person(s) that can offer some element of comfort, beneficial suggestions and generally a shoulder to lean on can be incredibly helpful on many fronts.  In turn, your support of others will help them cope during this crisis as well.

I have mentioned this before and will do so again.  Your doctor (me) is available to you 24/7 and after office hours I am best reached via my cell number: 703-609-0388.  Aside from medical support, the support of your family/friends/loved ones can be a very powerful tool in getting you through this incredibly stressful time.  Kind of like those stores where you see the “give a penny/take a penny” thing to help the store not have to make lots of change, “give support/take support”.  (And for those of you that own small businesses out there, make sure to apply for the EIDL/PPP programs…you have been paying lots of taxes over the years (give support) and are very deserving of these SBA loans/grants (take that support!)

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