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Setting Yourself Up For Success

Football coaches talk all the time about “setting up their players for success”.  Here is what they are referring to: They devise a game plan that, as best as possible, plays into the strengths of their players and attempts to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents.  As an example, if the coaches can devise a play where one of their very fast running receivers winds up being guarded by the opponents much slower linebacker there is a great chance that a passing play to that “mismatch” will result in a successful completion and maybe even a touchdown.

Now off the gridiron and onto the weight control field:  The same sort of situation applies.  There are different ways we can set ourselves up for “success” in losing weight.  For example, choices of restaurants we frequent can set us up for success (or failure) in staying adherent to our dietary approach. 

This entry was inspired by my own “setting myself up for failure” event.  We did an overnight in Atlantic City and having not been at a buffet restaurant since before the pandemic, I pushed us to go to the Borgata buffet.  Wow….an amazing array of high-quality foods with plenty of protein choices.  BUT..also an equally amazing array of pasta dishes, pizza and of course, a dessert bar laden with great looking gelatos, cheese cake, chocolate concoctions etc.  My “buffet mentality” is no different than most people:  “Get your $$$’s worth”.  And, indeed, I did, to the extent that I probably consumed3X the calories I usually do at a dinner meal.  

Aside from restaurant choices, vacation venues (all inclusive resorts, cruise ships being the most derailing), having exercise equipment in the house, going to the store with a shopping list, journaling your food intake, carrying a large bottle with you to ensure adequate water intake and many things we can do will “set us up for success” whereas other things we do (such as Posner’s jaunt to the Borgatta Buffet) set us up for failure.

Take a step back and self-examine what steps YOU can take to set yourself up for success in losing weight and how you can eliminate those things you do to set yourself up for failure in accomplishing your weight control goals.

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