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Here Comes Halloween ? Beware The “Left-Over” Candy!

We are almost at Halloween and the time from Halloween through New Years seems to fly by faster than any other 9 week period of the year.  There are so many events and gatherings during this span of time that make for a very fast appearance and then disappearance to the dark, cold, uneventful January-March.

The average weight gain in the United States is 7.4 pounds between Halloween and New Years.  The reasons are very clear: From the Halloween “left-over” candies to the Thanksgiving high carb dishes that remain way past the holiday to the Christmas and New Years parties with lots of booze and food:  this is basically our eatathon/drinkathon time period.

To avoid the multitude of people that lament on January 1 of their “New Years Resolution” to control weight, try to remain steadfast in your efforts during this time period.  Do we really need to open up those small Snickers bars (we should not have) bought to give out to kids on Halloween? 

When you are with your children, grandchildren and other extended family members, look around and see that the derailing food sources are not a necessary part of the love and warmth.

Are we able to enjoy lots of Turkey, ham and other proteins during Thanksgiving and limit the carbs?  Is it mandatory that we keep up with the big drinkers at the Xmas parties?

Always remember that weight control brings you to much higher health and happiness levels so there is no reason to allow this nine week time period to thwart your efforts.  Successful weight control will bring you the opportunity to be present for many more of the October 31-December 31 seasons.

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