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Sharing Your Journey With Others

One of the contributing causes to the “difficulty factor” of losing weight is being around others that encourage our eating/drinking the foods and beverages that thwart our weight loss efforts.  Socially, when we gather with friends and/or family, the customary foods will be those high carbohydrate/high sugar choices, accompanying alcohol containing drinks and then of course comes the desserts.  Rather than fighting the urge/compulsion to join the festivities, we will all tend to “give in” and participate in those weight control derailing activities.

Often, people do not like to share with others that they are on a weight control journey. There are several reasons for this:  1- the “weight loss driven” person does not want to impose his/her dietary restrictions on others 2- there is a certain “fear of failure”, i.e. if for some reason the weight loss effort is not successful, the person does not need to worry that he/she will be looked at as a “failure”.

Let’s turn this situation around for a second:  If a loved one or friend informed you that he/she is on a weight control effort and asked for your help/support, how would you react?  The answer I would bet is very favorable and supportive.  If you threw a party, you would make sure there were compatible foods/drinks available and you would not try to cajole the person into drinking alcohol, eating desserts etc.  Believe me…your friends (true ones…not the people that want you to fail in your efforts cause they have never been successful in controlling weight themselves) and loved ones will happily support you.

So, I encourage you to let people around you know that your goal is to lose weight and perhaps even share the reason(s):  Your blood sugar or cholesterol came back elevated, your energy levels are low, your knees are killing you, you cannot fit into your clothes, etc.  Having their help and support will contribute to your successful goal of becoming healthier and happier via effective weight control.

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