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Shopping By Forklift

We recently joined the rest of humanity and obtained a Costco membership.  I purposefully avoided this for years due to my fear that the shopping experience there would be akin to shopping in a mall the day before Christmas: a manic mob scene.  The reason why we broke down and joined?  The steaks we had received as gifts from other people that purchased these meats at Costco were far better than what we could buy at the local supermarkets. 

Well, our first venture into Costco was not as bad as I imagined.  Yes, there were lots of people there, the various offering ranged from television sets to crab legs to the largest jars of pretzels I have scene.  Due to the great prices compared to the local supermarkets, we filled up 2 carts worth of “stuff” and our bill was way over twice what we usually spend on a supermarket jaunt.  BUT, we certainly now have a year’s worth of paper plates, 6 months of toilet paper and 8 months of garbage bags.

One of the observations I had was the compulsion I felt to buy “things” that were offered at a great deal.  The bags of candy, the immense jars of peanut butter, the large boxes of cereal…these, and more, were being offered at tremendous discounts.  I found myself reaching for items I probably would not have purchased had I been at a regular supermarket at the pices offered at those places.

The point:  If/when you choose to do your shopping at Costco, Sam’s Club or any of the other “Shopping By Forklift” places, try to NOT be lulled into buying a bunch of stuff that will derail your weight control efforts.  Similar to any other shopping venture, be sure to make out a shopping list before you enter the store and do not wander off that list to buy the foods/snacks/drinks that will harm your efforts.

I will finish this with a post of a pretty funny song about shopping at Costco..enjoy “I Don’t Need It…But I Want It (The Costco Song)”

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