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Should We Be Worried About “Disease X”?

Over the last several days I have been reading more and more about the potential catastrophic “Disease X”.  What, pray tell, is “Disease X”?  The World Health Organization has coined the term “Disease X” as the potential organism that will cause the next world-wide pandemic.  This infectious agent has not occurred as yet, but according to WHO, it is just a matter of time.  The organism is postulated to be a similar type virus to the Corona class, similar to the ones that caused the Covid outbreaks.



So, here begs the question: Should we all start hoarding toilet paper, paper towels, chicken breasts, wipes, masks and milk?

Well, my crystal ball ain’t any better than others, but here are my thoughts: First, when we take a step back and look at world history, pandemics occur infrequently, so if this pattern continues, the next pandemic will occur when most of us won’t be around to see it.  Secondly, after living through the Covid pandemic, we have all learned much about how to avoid the high risk exposure situations, wearing masks when needed, and in many other ways, reducing our chances of becoming infected.

Whether via immunizations (this topic won’t be broached here as I will alienate 50% of people reading this no matter what stuff I write) or having the Covid infection, most/all of us have antibodies against this class of viruses.  Therefore, any similar type viruses trying to nail us will be met with some/lots of beneficial immune response.

Here is something else to consider:  Is “Disease X” already?  Since Covid hit us in 2022, there have been more deaths from heart disease in the U.S. than there are Covid deaths.  And with heart disease, the “pandemic” has never ended.  Heart disease kills 700,000 Americans a year and some of this is preventable. How?  Weight control, better management of diabetes and hypertension and improved lifestyle choices.

Keep your immune system strong and “Disease X” will have a much less chance of hurting you.  And if “Disease X” is heart disease, controlling weight, exercising and ensuring your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol are at good levels.

And here is a song with the letter “X”.  Enjoy the late Olivia Newton John singing “Xanadu”.  She is missed!

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