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Should We Warm To Chili?

Keeping with our Super Bowl Party theme, today we will discuss a staple at these gatherings: CHILI.  First, a brief history of CHILI:  The origins of chili can be traced to the Texas Mexican border in the 1800’s (No more border talk as I do NOT want this post becoming a political lightening rod!).  Chlli became lots more popular in San Antonio, TX. Being served to soldiers, travelers and cattlemen by the “Queens Of San Antonio”.  Originally, CHILI was composed of meat and peppers but then the composition changed to include beans, onions and assorted spices.

Fast forward to current times:  CHILI is a very popular dish all over the United States and many areas have “CHILI Cook-Offs” during different times of the year where contestants vie for prizes based on cooking up the best CHILI.  And on “Super Bowl Sunday”, CHILI is a very popular dish to serve to the gathering of people hungry for good football and good food.

Here are the nutritional facts of CHILI:

Serving Size1 cup

Amount Per Serving

Calories 256

Total Fat 14.2g

Saturated Fat 5.251g

Polyunsaturated Fat 0.623g

Cholesterol 41mg

Sodium 978mg

Total Carbohydrate 19.68g

Dietary Fiber 6.1g

Sugars 5.7g

Protein 13.46g

Iron 3.27mg

Sodium 1007 mg

Potassium 629mg

Vitamin C 10.6mg

As you can see from the nutritional content, although the calories in 1 cup of CHILI are not very high, there are LOTS of carbs, fat and sodium present.  So, although better than nachos, wings or ribs, CHILI is still not the greatest of food choices for your dietary plans, but it ain’t the worst.

Concerning the top-rated Super Bowl Halftime shows, here is “The Boss” performing with his E-Street Band in 2009.

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