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 Should You Consider Tovala?

I watch television when I work out in the mornings and recently I have seen tons of commercials for a meal delivery service called “Tovala”.  This program includes a “Tovala oven” that is touted as a “6 in 1” oven/air fryer/steamer” that is able to scan the bar codes of the meals provided and “smart cook” those meals.  The oven is Wi-fi connected and is also to scan grocery store meals as well to cook them to specifications.

The cost of the Tovala oven (as per my internet search) ranges from $299 to $99 (if purchased with meals as well).  I also saw resales on various sites of $69 dollars.  As far as the meals, this depends on how many meals per week are ordered, and it appears that 16 meals would cost about $199 for the week.

I perused the nutritional contents of a number of their meals and they certainly do offer higher protein/lower carbohydrate options.  Some of their options are pretty high in carbohydrates however.  Concerning the “tastiness” of Tovala foods, most of the reviews on the internet are quite favorable.  As a caveat, I am always a bit suspicious of reviews as one never knows whether the company itself has some sort of “review program” in place to ensure only positive reviews are widely seen on the internet.

The bottom line:  Tovala is MUCH better than the processed, microwavable foods we can find in the freezer section of grocery stores.  This is “fresh food” and from a nutritional standpoint, a much better option, albeit lots more expensive, than those store bought processed foods.  The program is much higher “tech” than the other home delivery food services.  However, I do not see much difference in the nutritional contents inn Tovala vs. the other delivery services.

If $$$ is not object, home delivery fresh food services are a great alternative if you do not have the time to plan, shop and prepare your own meals.  However, not everyone has Bill Gates’ bank account so Tovala, similar to the others, will cost a pretty penny.

One last thought:  I am a big believer in “sustainability” when it comes to behavioral changes needed for long-term weight control.  How many people do you know that buy home delivery foods forever?  Most people do not.  After a period of time, they stop either due to the cost or the boredom of the meals, and return to old behaviors.  Learning how to plan and prep your own meals has a higher chance of sustainability.

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