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Should You Let People Know?

Lots of things that we all do are sort of private in nature and we tend to not share this information with others.  There may be some very close people in your lives that you do, in fact, tell everything to.  However, the more distant/peripheral the friendship/relationship is, the more guarded we get about certain aspects of our lives.

Focusing on the weight control arena, there are many people that do not want to share with others that they are on this journey.  There are several reasons for this and one of the most common ones is “fear of failure”.  If you tell people you are trying to lose weight and time shows that you are not able to, then the embarrassment factor sets in.  The mind-set is that it is better to not allow anyone to know, then, if successful, they will see it but if not successful, you will not worry that you will be looked at as a “failure”.

I implore all of my patients to share the fact that they are on a weight control journey with everyone in their worlds that may have some sort of impact on this journey.  If the “Friday Happy Hour Friends” know you are on a weight control journey and you asked for their support, chances are they will not try to drive Pina Coladas down your throat and implore you to keep up with your drinking.  Your spouse or significant other may opt for a present of jewelry or massage certificate as opposed to a bottle of wine or candies.  Your family members preparing a gathering may be more cognizant in having more ‘Phase One” foods available for you as opposed to a bunch of pasta dishes.

So, “YES”, please let people around you know that you are desirous of becoming happier and healthier via weight loss.  The people that truly care about you will then become a great support community to increase your chances of success.

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