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Should You “Wing” It?

I am writing this entry on the morning after the Conference Championship games that were played yesterday.  I was wrong on BOTH games, having predicted Baltimore over the Chiefs and the Lions over the Forty Niners.  I guess I better stick with doctoring as opposed to sports handicapping.  Glad I didn’t bet $$$ on those games as I would have lost both bets!

In keeping with the Super Bowl theme and the foods that usually accompany our Super Bowl gatherings, today I will talk about “Wings”.  Nope, not the band, but rather, the chicken wings that have become incredibly popular over the last decade.  Most sports bars like Glory Days and Buffalo Wild Wins feature these on their menus.  And, on Super Bowl Sunday, many people bring wings in for their gatherings.

Here is the nutritional content of Wings from Papa Johns:

Order Size8 wings16 wings24 wings32 wings50 wings
Total Calories10402080312041606500
Calories from Fat7301460219023204560
Total Fat81g162g243g324g507g
Saturated Fat20g40g60g80g125g
Trans Fat0g1g1.5g2g3g
Total carbohydrate6g11g17g23g35g
Dietary Fiber0g1g1g1g2g

As you can see, then calorie counts, fat content, cholesterol; and high sodium all add up to a VERY derailing food source.  I know that grilled, skinless chicken is not as much fun as eating those wings bathed In your favorite sauces, but opting for the grilled chicken is a MUCH better choice if you are trying to control weight.

So, similar to my first Super Bowl party entry, that bashed ribs as a “bad” choice for food, WINGS should also be avoided.

And today’s Super Bowl halftime show video is ranked as the top 15, here is Michael Jackson from the 1993 Super Bowl.  (And for you Dallas Cowboy fans, you enjoyed this one…they defeated the Buffalo Bills)

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