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Skipping Adventures?

Do you consider yourself to be an “adventurous” person? Here is a definition of adventurous:

“willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.”

First, focusing on the “experiences” part of this definition: Hiking challenging trails, sky diving, riding extreme amusement park rides, training for marathons, visiting out of the ordinary places…these and similar activities could be labeled as “adventurous”.

As to the “methods and ideas” part of the definition, perhaps some examples of this may include putting yourself out there on internet dating sites, opening a new business, quitting your present job in favor of a different, less secure one and going back to school to obtain a different degree may all be considered “adventurous”.

When people are overweight/obese, they tend to be much less adventurous than when the weight is at a healthier level.  If family members want to vacation at a national park and hike lots, the chances are that the overweight/obese members will take a pass at this.  When going to an amusement park with your children and/or grandchildren, going on an adventurous ride along with them to enjoy the fun will be much less likely for the overweight family members.

Concerning non-physical experiences, such as opening a new business, expanding a current one or changing positions, people with weight control problems with associated co-morbidities may think lots longer before taking the plunge for fear that a near-future health event may produce a catastrophic outcome for the new ventures being considered.

So, are you skipping “adventures’ due to your weight?  I suppose if you are not an adventurous person, this is of little matter.  However, I would bet there is an adventurous side to all of us and successful weight control will allow us to bring this side out more and more.  This, in turn, will make us happier.

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