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Slowing It Down

Many of us ruefully state that life goes way too fast.  At times, the days seem long but the years pass by rapidly.  I had a patient once tell me: “Life is like a roll of toilet paper…it seems to go faster towards the end.”

For those people out there with custodial age children, pressure filled jobs, commutes to work and other responsibilities, there is precious little time to sit and eat meals.  This lack of time results in food being devoured quickly.  This, in turn, is a derailing aspect to weight loss efforts.   Studies have shown that “slow eaters” have improved weight control vs. “fast eaters”.  In a perfect world (it is not of course) we would all have time to sit, savor the food, and slow down our eating.

Here are some ideas as to how to slow down our eating: 

  • Create a distraction-free eating environment. Eating while watching TV or browsing on your phone can serve as a negative interruption to the eating experience.
  • Sit and savor. Put your utensils down after a few bites of food
  • Chew well for better digestion.
  • Mimic a slow eater.

Of the above suggestions, probably the most important one is creating that distraction-free environment.  Look around and see how many people are eating while their attention is glued to their smart phones.  This distraction takes away from the mindfulness necessary to stop eating when we feel full.

“Slowing it down” is not easy in many aspects of our lives.  When it comes to eating however, this can make a big difference in success vs. failure in attaining a healthy weight.

“Slow Dancing” cannot burn as many calories as fast dancing, but it did make for a good 1977 song.  

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