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Slowing It Down

I had a patient once tell me, as we were lamenting our quick time was flying by:  “Life is like a roll of toilet paper…the closer we get to the end of it, the faster it seems to go.”  I laughed because the analogy was so very true.  T times, the days may seem to go slow but perhaps you agree with me that the weeks/months/years seem to go very quickly.  

When people are very busy handling/multitasking many different things, such as children, jobs, elderly parents etc., time does seem to fly by.  Boredom will tend to lead to a slowing down of perceived time but waking up and hitting the ground running and not completing all of your tasks by later evening will most likely make the days disappear quite quickly.

Focusing on the weight control arena, “slowing it down” will tend to help your efforts whereas when things are sped up, the best choices will not be made.  If we only a lot a small period of time for planning/eating our meals, the chances increase that poor choices will be made.  Skipping meals/snacks, going through a fast food drive through, mindlessly eating high carb foods while working or driving…these actions and similar ones will derail weight control efforts.

I realize this falls under the category of “easy to say/hard to do”, but we all must find ways of “slowing it down” when it comes to our eating.  Giving ourselves time to plan what we are going to eat to stay compatible with the plan, slowing down the eating itself to allow our “intellectual” part of our brains to discern whether we are still hungry and need that next bite, taking the time to enjoy the food and company we have…these conscious actions will help our weight loss efforts.

The slowing down of our eating will contribute to a better chance of success in shedding weight.  This, in turn, will result in the slowing down of the aging of our organs that contribute to disease as we get older.  Do not allow life to fly by…slow it down!

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