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Some Thoughts On Eating/Drinking “Clean”

Over the years, I have had many people enter our weight control program that are very frustrated that they needed the help of a medically supervised approach.  The reason for the frustration:  They felt that for the most part they were eating/drinking “clean” i.e. their approach to their dietary intake was healthy and therefore their weight should have been under control.  On the contrary, their weight was not what they wanted it to be, hence they needed to reach out (and pay) for help.

Before we dive into some common misconceptions about “clean” eating for weight control, I wanted to point out this concept:  If people are at a weight they are not happy with, what they cannot do is keep doing the same things over and over.  Despite believing that their eating/drinking is “clean”, if the scale is showing an alarming number, the current approach is NOT “clean” as this relates to weight control.

Here are some common misconceptions about eating/drinking that many believe are “clean eating”, yet they are not when it comes to weight control:

  • 1-2 glasses of wine daily is “good” for you.  Nope…alcohol slows the metabolic rate and this goes beyond the calories being ingested
  • Nuts are a “healthy” snack.  Not for weight loss…the fats (although they are the “good” fats) hurt weight control and the protein in nuts is not as good for weight control as the protein found in eggs, poultry, fish and/or lean red meat
  • Fruits are an important component to a “clean/healthy” diet:  The healthy parts of fruit are vitamins and fiber.  We could all get these by ingesting no calorie vitamin and fiber pills.  Fruit brings with it lots of sugar and this harms weight control efforts
  • A “clean” breakfast would be a glass of juice, oatmeal, a slice of low calorie bread and a cup of coffee.  Nope…that type of breakfast provides little-no protein and is mostly carbohydrate containing
  • Avocados should be part of your dietary intake due to the vitamin content and the presence of the “healthy” omega-3 fatty acids.  Once again, I refer to the “healthy” components being present in no calorie pills.

There are many more bullet points that can be added to this list but once again, the takeaway point of this entry:  If your weight is above what you want it to be, although you believe your eating/drinking may be “Clean”, it is NOT as this relates to weight control.  Changes must be made.

And here is a change from the typical old songs Posner posts…here is “CLEAN” by Taylor Swift.

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