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SOS? Same Old S…

Okay, for those fans of 1970’s music out there, how many of you like ABBA songs?  One of their hits was entitled “SOS”.  I believe that most of us recognize “SOS” as a distress signal most often used in maritime/boat situations.  When a problem occurred on a ship or boat, an “SOS” would be sent out via radio or Morse code to try to get help.  I looked into the meaning of “SOS” today and despite the common thought that this stands for “Save our Souls” or “Save Our Ship”, the origin is based on something different.  The Morse code signal for distress is three dots followed by 3 dashes and then 3 dots again.  Three dots signal an “S”, three dashes signal an “O”, so the distress signal spells out “SOS”.

Okay, so I brought up an old ABBA song, then discussed a trivia point that 99.99% of you could care less about, so what does any of this have to do with weight control and health?

Here goes:  Human nature is such that we often ignore warning signals that our bodies are trying to provide to us.  The early signs of diabetes, heart disease or cancer are often overlooked/ignored, resulting in a more advanced/more serious problem when eventually diagnosed.  There are many co-morbidities of poor weight control, such as the aforementioned diseases, that present with mild symptoms in the beginning.  To avoid more serious problems down the road, try to stay attuned to your body and if there are signs/symptoms that feel different or are new, get to your doctor immediately.

Weight control will help avoid developing many serious diseases.  So, here is my other, more New York,  “SOS” interpretation:   If you are not making any headway in your weight loss efforts, stop the SOS (same old S—t), and change your dietary intake to higher protein/less carbs and cut the alcohol.

On that note, enjoy ABBA’s SOS:

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