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Spontaneity Vs. Planned

There are many times when “spontaneity” produces a more favorable outcome than “planned”.  

Here are some examples:

  • In football, a great quarterback can either audible to a better play at the line of scrimmage OR deviate off the play that was called by the coach when the defensive alignment is such that the “spontaneous” play stands a better chance of success than the planned play.
  • When an outing is planned for something outdoors, spontaneously changing the plans to an indoor venue will result in a better excursion for all involved.

However, in the weight control field, more often than not, being “planned” in our eating/drinking behaviors results in better outcomes than being spontaneous in our decision making.  If we have not planned out our meals and snacks, the chances are high that we will find ourselves going through fast food drive throughs, throwing processed foods into the microwave and/or reaching for high caloric/high sugar snacks.

Also, when going out to eat at restaurants, checking out the menus before you go and planning your order will result in healthier choices than looking at the menu at the restaurant and making spontaneous decisions on your order.

Spontaneously taking your loved one on an unplanned trip is GREAT.  Spontaneously ordering a late night pizza on your Dominos’ app is not.  Plan those meals and snacks!

And for you 70’s music fans out there (all 3 of you besides me) here is a “Part Of The Plan”, courtesy of Daniel Fogelberg.

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