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Spring Training-A New Start

I am writing this entry on the day that pitchers and catchers report to spring training for their respective major league baseball teams.  This is the start of “spring training”.  The east coast teams such as the Washington Nationals tend to have their spring training practice facilities in Florida and the west coast teams such as the L.A. Dodgers practice in Arizona.

Baseball, unlike football, does not enforce a salary cap on teams so therefore the major market teams like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston can afford lots more high-priced free agents and players than smaller market teams such as Kansas City and Pittsburgh.  So, when the season begins, the chance of the NY Yankees advancing to the World Series is LOTS more than Seattle.

However, when Spring Training begins, fans from every city have high hopes for their teams.  EVERY team is tied for first place, as before any games are played, all teams are equal at 0-0.  When the actual season begins, the situation changes as the great teams start winning a bunch of games, the mediocre-bad teams start losing lots of games and when you look at the standings at that point, there are clear “winners and losers”.

What is the analogy to the weight control arena?  Here goes: When a person starts a weight control journey, it does not matter what happened in the past.  A new slate is started and the person’s chance to lose weight and keep it off is as good as anyone else’s.  Yes, maybe the age is higher, orthopedic issues are present precluding exercise, medications are being taken that make weight control more difficult, etc etc.  However, perhaps in this “new (weight loss) season”, the person focus better, stay more steadfast, not be derailed by the usual derailing factors and all of these add up to a greatly successful effort.

In baseball, every year a small market team with far less budget for high end players is able to keep winning and make it to the playoffs and even the World Series.  In the weight control arena, there is no reason why anyone, despite the past history and odds, cannot succeed greatly.   “Spring Training” represents a new start and opportunity.  Please view this the same way if you are frustrated with your past history of weight control efforts.

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